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Five faces of shivam are Easanam,Thathpurusam, Agoram, Vamadheyam, Sathyojatham. Meikanda Shasthram says three types of worship. *Arupa {Niskala} - formless[empty]. *Rupa {Sakala} - means forms of worship,fully manifested[Natarajar]. *Rupa Arupa {Niskalasakala} -formless form[Sivalingam]. Sarvam Shiva Mayam

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Panchachara explanation

Panchachara explanation

Word Panchacharam - pancha (five) acharam (letters) = five letters
panchachara mantra is na-ma-shi-va-ya(namashivaya).

Na-letter refers to earth
ma-letter refers to water
shi-letter refers to fire
va-letter refers to air
ya-letter refers to sky

On body each element refers as following
for earth swadistana chakra
for water manipurakha chakra
for fire anahata chakra
for air visudhi chakra
for sky ajna chakra

so 'namashivaya' is mantra which stands on all chakras inside body

thirumoolar explains on his thirumanthiram about thula-panchachara
which divided as three they are thulaa, sukshama and athisukshuma.

thula panchachara is five letter that is 'shivayanama'
by chanting 'shivayanama' inside mind sukshma vibration join in sky and stands on mooladhara strongly.
will fix namashivaya devan in body that is -

because of chanting 'shivayanama' vibration waves which created in sky spread wide
which goes upwards, downwards as circle- to neck, chest, stomach and reaches lingam.

because of sitting on some asana like 'kurmasana' it dont expand and
makes mooladhara to get contract and it travels through lingam reaches bramendra and the top of head.

1) shivayanama - mayanavashi - namashivaya are the three mantras which expands as downward facing

2) yanamashiva-vayanamashi- are the two manthras expands as upward facing

like this reach to mooladhara from there directly goes to bramendra through shushma is called as 'vasi-yoga'

on this happenining 'namashivaya' jyothi (light) get lengthier and awakens its called as "Panchachara darishan"

on this type of namashiva raise, sky galaxy stands with speciality of vindu(light) and naada(sound) combination.

fifty letters on human body converts to five letter as vindu(light) and naatha(sound) this process contains entire vedhas, agama gnana.

Thirumooler says say 'shivayanama" for once because of saying beautiful light appears as amirtha. person who doesnt drink that amirtha are people who takes recycling birth.

"thella moodurach shivayanama
vendrulamudooravorukaal uraithidum
vellamudooral virumbiyunaathavar
thulliya neerpor kazhalkindravaarey" -thirumanthiram

so for removing birth recycle panchachara is the way thirumooler said on above song.

also chant panchachara when mind get spoiled or when it waves due to negative vibration
and make your seevan(soul) essense shiva to glow

person who chant shivayanama will get naatha expose and get shivaroopa.
it also protects when death comes.

"maranangai vaithuyar matridum pothum
aranagai kootuva thanchezhutamey" - thirumanthiram

"thunjalunth thunjali laatha pozhthinam
nejaga nainthu ninaiminaadorum
vanjaga matrapadi vaazhtha vantha koor
ranjavu kaithana vanjeyuzhthumey".- thirunanasambandar pancha thirupathikam

chanting "shivayanama" by thinking it has light called as sukshuma panchacharamagum.

"oliyai unni urugumanath thaarayth
theliya vothi shivaya namavennum" - thirumanthiram

on "Shivaya nama": shi is shiva, va is shakthi, ya is seevan(soul) and na is reffers to impurity

By chanting this panchachara all negative things like ego, karma and illusion are removed
due to shi shivan and va shakthi settles in ya seevan(soul), things which give sadness like na and ma illusions getlost from us.

As said above by chanting "shivayanama" na-kara and ma-kara impurities are removed,kundalini get free from holding with littleshakthi ya-kara (soul) and gives you shivagnana yoga.
on that process time doing puja to "shivaya" light is the state of free from impurities and its true state.

thirumooler explains how to chant this mantra:

"Namavendru namathai naavil oduki
shivennu namathai sinthaiyil vetrap
pavamathu theerum parisuma thaatraal
avamathi theerum arapirapandro. -Thirumanthiram

that is when you chant "shivayanama" 'nama' should be kept under tongue on neck and 'shiva' should be kept above the head on your mind galaxy.
if think and chanted on above way soul light increases and get rid out from birthcycle.


"shivaya shivashiva" is athisukshuma panchacharam.To send the darkness out soul became undestructable state by having shiva and shakthi always.
staying in that state of light without any think is called as 'athisukshuma panchachara darishana'.

by chanting "shivaya nama" removing all impurities making as slave to shivam, then by chanting "shivaya shivashiva" for many times will remove sadness and worries
and gives anandha(happiness).

With athisukshuma panchachara darsihan mooladhara agni travel by crossing suryamandala (sun galaxy) above the shoulder in chandra mandala(moon galaxy) light all five senses are included . because of this process sadhaka will never get away from shiva.
this is the panchachara mantra sadhaka yoga.

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