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Five faces of shivam are Easanam,Thathpurusam, Agoram, Vamadheyam, Sathyojatham. Meikanda Shasthram says three types of worship. *Arupa {Niskala} - formless[empty]. *Rupa {Sakala} - means forms of worship,fully manifested[Natarajar]. *Rupa Arupa {Niskalasakala} -formless form[Sivalingam]. Sarvam Shiva Mayam

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Navagraha (9 planets)Temples - Tanjore

  1. Suriyanar koil - Sun - Suriyan
    The temple is dedicated to lord shiva. Lord siva is the controller of 9 grahas(the nine grahams or planets in the Indian astrological scheme)
    Suriyanar koil about 20kms west of Mayavaram, near Aduthurai. Surya resides with his wives Chaya and Suvarcha in this holy place. With Surya at the centre, temples of the other Grahas are around Surya.
  2. Thingaloor - Moon - Chandiran
    The temple is dedicated to lord shiva, the name of Kailasanathar.
    Thingaloor is about 40 kms west of Mayavaram. Mentally disturbed people come here to get cure get rid of their sorrows and sufferings. The other place of moon parikara sthalam is Thiruppathy.
  3. Vaidheeswaran Koil - Mars - Angarakan
    The temple is dedicated to lord shiva, the name of Vaitheeswaran
    This temple is 12 kms north-east of Mayavaram. This temple is also called as Pull-irukku-Veloor. Jadayu - the eagle who made a gallant attempt to stop Ravanan from proceeding to srilanka with Seetha, got relieved of his wings by Ravanan, fell down here and eventually got Moksham. Even today we can see the place where Jadayu was cremated - 'Jadayu Kundam'. Here the sivan healer of all disease and his consort Thaiyalnayaki amma. It is believed that a bath in the holy waters of the sidhamirtham tank with in the temple complex will cure all the disease. SelvaMuthuKumara Swamy( Murugan ) is very famous god in this temple. Separate sanctorum for Angaraka is a speciality out here.The other place of mars parikara sthalam is palani
  4. Thiruvenkadu - Mercury - Budhan The temple is dedicated to lord shiva,the name of Swetharanyeswarar.Thiruvenkadu temple is about 24 kms east of Mayavaram. This temple is sung by dhevara moovar. This place is similar to Kasi with all the Snana Ghats for karmas. We can find a separate sanctum sanctorum for bhudan. Bhudan holds the portfolio of Education and Arts.The other place of budhan parikara sthalam is Madhurai.
  5. Alangudi - Jupiter - Guru
    The temple is dedicated to lord shiva,the name of Aabathsagayar.This temple about 40 kms from Mayavaram . The speciality here is that Lord Guru is engraved on the wall and is not in the form of separate idol. Guru holds the portfolio of wisdom, and healthy.The other places of guru parikara sthalam is Padi(chennai),Thiruchendhur.
  6. Kanjanur - Venus - Sukkiran The temple is dedicated to lord shiva, the name of Agneeswarar Kanjanur is near Suriyanarkoil. People come here for getting the blessings of Sukkiran, to get themselves 'Sukra Dhisa', divotees believed to get them wealth. The other place of sukkira parikara sthalam is velleeswarar temple-mylapore(chennai).
  7. Thirunallaru - Saturn - Shani bagavan
    The temple is dedicated to lord shiva,the name of Tharbaranyeswarar.
    Saneeswaran is the most sought Navagraham, which is about 30 kms east of Mayavaram(near karaikkal). There is a separate sanctum sanctoram for Lord Shaneeswaran. This is the place where Shani left from the body of Nala Maharaja. This is one of the 'Saptha Vidanga sthalam'. It is believed that holy dip in the tank - Nala Theertham will help people to escape from the problems of Saneeswaran.
  8. Thirunageswaram - Raghu
    The temple is dedicated to lord shiva,the name of Nageshwarar.
    This temple is about 30 kms from Mayavaram. Here the Ambal's name is Girigujambikai. She is decorated as a small girl in the Mornings, as young lady in Noons and as lady in evenings. Here Raghu resides with his wife and everyday, during Raghu kalam, when Milk is poured over Ragu idol, it miraculously changes to blue colour. People having Raghu dosha come here during Raghu kalam and perform Abishekas and poojas.The other place of raghu parikara sthalam is Srikalahasthi.
  9. Keezhaperumpallam - Kethu
    The temple is dedicated to lord shiva, the name of Naganathaswamy
    This temple is about 20 kms from Mayavaram. Here there is a separate sanctum sanctorum for Kedhu bagavan. Those who are affected by Kedhu dosha come here for rectification.The other place of kedhu parikara sthalam is Srikalahasthi.

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