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Five faces of shivam are Easanam,Thathpurusam, Agoram, Vamadheyam, Sathyojatham. Meikanda Shasthram says three types of worship. *Arupa {Niskala} - formless[empty]. *Rupa {Sakala} - means forms of worship,fully manifested[Natarajar]. *Rupa Arupa {Niskalasakala} -formless form[Sivalingam]. Sarvam Shiva Mayam

Sunday, June 14, 2009



sekkizhar was born at kunraththur in the thondai nadu (part of Tamilnadu and andhrapradesh which was ruled by pallava kings) which was famous for its intellectuals. He was born in shaivite farmer family of sekkizhar tradition with his younger brother palaravayar. The choza king - kuloththunga chozan ii (anapayar) - who was ruling the region then wondered at the intelligence, honesty and excellence of sekkizhar and made him his prime minister knighting him as uththama choza pallavar. sekkizhar was an ardent devotee of lord Shiva in thirunageshwaram and did a lot of services to that temple. He built a temple in kunraththur and named that too thirunageshwaram.

The king who was much interested in arts was mostly appreciating the thamiz book shivaka chindhamani. as a dedicated minister to guide the king in the proper way, sekkizhar advised him that those books will do good neither for living nor for liberation and on his question he told the king that the lives of the devotees who were praised in the thiruththondaththokai(1) of sundharar(2), which was later sung by nambiyandar nambi in his thiruththondar thiruvandhadhi, are the great thing to read and follow. inspired by this the king asked sekkizhar to sing in detail the lives of the devotees as an epic.

sekkizhar agreed and worshiped the dancing lord (natarajar) at chithambaram.(3) The lord gave him the first word to start the epic as ulakelam. (sekkizhar has used this word with respect in the beginning, middle and end of the work). Then he wrote the entire periya puranam and was made public in chithambaram in the presence of intellectuals, saints and others. after the arangerram (publication), the king took sekkizhar around the town on the royal elephant and he himself fanned sekkizhar during the procession. He made the periya puranam as the twelth thirumurai.

thiruth thondar puranam is the only work available that was written by sekkizhar. after writing the periya puranam sekkizhar involved himself completely the lives of the 63 saints along with other devotees and finally reached the sweet feet of lord Shiva.

other names of sekkizhar:
arun mozith thevar (original name)
thondar chir paravuvar
uththama choza pallavar

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