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Five faces of shivam are Easanam,Thathpurusam, Agoram, Vamadheyam, Sathyojatham. Meikanda Shasthram says three types of worship. *Arupa {Niskala} - formless[empty]. *Rupa {Sakala} - means forms of worship,fully manifested[Natarajar]. *Rupa Arupa {Niskalasakala} -formless form[Sivalingam]. Sarvam Shiva Mayam

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Manavasakam kadandhar

Manavasakam kadandhar

This shaivite philosopher was born in the town of thiruvadhikai in thamizh land. He was a disciple of meykandar(1). So he could have studied together with arunandhi shivachariyar(2) in meykandar's school. The other details about him are not known. His period could be derived as 13th century, as that was the period of meykandar. He has written one of the fourteen shaiva sidhdhantha texts unmai vilakkam.

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