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Five faces of shivam are Easanam,Thathpurusam, Agoram, Vamadheyam, Sathyojatham. Meikanda Shasthram says three types of worship. *Arupa {Niskala} - formless[empty]. *Rupa {Sakala} - means forms of worship,fully manifested[Natarajar]. *Rupa Arupa {Niskalasakala} -formless form[Sivalingam]. Sarvam Shiva Mayam

Sunday, June 14, 2009



Thiruvaliyamudhanar is one among the nine devotees who sung the Divine music thiruvichaippa, which is the ninth thirumurai. His compositions form the seventh set in the thiruvichaippa. This devotee was born in the vaishnava vedic chanters tradition in mayilai (mayilapUr in chennai). There was a small state called ali nadu near sirkazi to the east of it. The capital of that state was the town thiruvali. The name of lord viShnu in that town is amudhanar. as this devotees parents were ardent devotees of this deity they named him thiruvaliyamudhanar. Though his family was a vaiShnava family, he developed a great love for the lord shiva. He was quite a bit involved in the worship of the lord of thillai. This brave devotee realised the preciousness of the time and spent it in the bliss of worshiping the Dance King of thillai.

He has composed many songs on Dancing lord, Who wound his thoughts to His raised leg. in those he refers to himself as mayilaiyar mannavan, mayilai maraivala ali. (Some say that this mayilai refers to mayiladuthurai). Some rock-cut inscriptions indicate that the names of the few women who dedicated themselves for the service of the lord at thanychai temple were eduththa padham, mazalaich chilambu which are the phrases in his fifth song in the third padhikam, it is derived that his period was before the king rajarajan (ie before 985 aCe). There are four padhikams that were composed by him which are part of thiruvisaipa(1) all praising the Hero of thillai

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